About 121fortworth

We are compiling resources for the seven mile stretch of State Highway 121 (i.e. Airport Freeway) from downtown Fort Worth to the eastern section of Loop  820.  The administrator invites contributions of relevant content.

The “good neighbor policy” of friendly interaction is our guideline.   Forums for years established standards of proper on-line etiquette – we’ll keep it positive.

A word or two from the administrator, Terry Lekies:

I am an avid traveler, active commuter on Airport Freeway: 121 from downtown Fort Worth to Loop 820 east; also a student of computer science and web development, E-Myth, ear training, Krav Maga, yoga, Feldenkrais

If you hear any harmonica playing or blues/country/rock (i.e roots) piano on any sound clips (on this site) its probably my work. Terry Lakes Music Services is my umbrella company of associated activity. There are always plenty of projects in the works so listen up!

I am an observer of political and cultural events ( no party affiliation thank you) who enjoys an intelligent exchange of ideas and solutions.  My favorite author (nonfiction) is Loius Adamic. His keen sense of observation and irony concerning European emigration and assimilation are as relevant today as ever…favorite musician: Ray Charles, favorite President: Dwight Eisenhower.